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About Me

Who Am I

I am a family finance consultant. I work with clients to identify their families’ financial planning needs and aspirations and from there, tailor appropriate and comprehensive financial programs that will best suit their needs.

What I believe In

My clients’ well-beings come first. I strongly believe that proper financial planning keep families together. I want to make sure my clients and their families are well taken care of regardless of their family setup. I like to equip my clients with the necessary knowledge to understand their financial programs.

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Some Questions You Might Have:

What kind of policies do I have?

Many of us have policies from many different companies. And sometimes we may be confused on what policies we have. Therefore it is important for us to have a clear overview of what we have.

Is there any lack in or duplication in terms of my coverage?

As we progress in life, there are some coverage we need temporary, and there are some coverage we need for lifetime. Therefore we need to review and access what is needed and not needed.

If I have young children, how should I go about planning?

As young children are juvenile, they may not have the capacity to handle assets. Therefore we need to do special planning for them.

Is my family well taken care of regardless of my existence?

We can use financial calculator to calculate exactly how much is needed for your family in the event of any unfortunate incidents.

A good consultant is one who can offer simplicity & clarity in financial planning. I take pride that my passion and my mission are in unison.

My Expertise

Wealth Preservation & Insurance Solution

Retirement & Investment Advisory

Will, Trust, & Legacy Planning

General Insurance – Travel, Maid, Etc

Who I Work With

I work with clients who love their families and responsible. Ranging from business owners to professionals. Contact with me now to decide if we are good fit and can help you in your journey.

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